Avanti & Associates is a professional network of fully licensed financial service providers. Our organization focuses on the financial needs of the individual, business, and institution. We pride ourselves in constantly providing access to a truly broad and diversified spectrum of financial products and services in Canada.

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A bit of our history

Avanti is a privately held family business, with insurance roots that can be traced as far back as the 1950s to the first mutually owned insurance company in the West Indies.

Avanti’s life insurance operation was founded in 1981 (Toronto, Ontario) providing independent financial advice and services through a broad range of life, health, and segregated fund products.

In 2006, as a direct response to the financial needs of its clients and consumers at large, it began the dynamic expansion of its network and associates. This internal network and association increases the ratio and frequency of positive results. Avanti continues to be driven with a vision through the eyes of its clients.


feel they have enough for retirement

Only twenty-five percent of Canadians feel they have enough money to fulfill their retirement


don’t have the right investments

Fifty-eight percent of Canadians who know what investments they hold think they are not on the right track


have actually put
together a plan

Thirty-four percent of Canadians reported thinking about and actually creating a financial plan

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Term Insurance

Coverage for a specific period of time with a predetermined schedule of premium payments. Certain renewable and convertible privileges apply.

Permanent Insurance

Coverage for as long as you are alive with premiums that are usually guaranteed for life. Some permanent insurance plans allow payment of premiums for a limited number of years, then never again. Typically, there is a choice of payment periods (10, 15, 20 years, to age 65, or to age 100).

Universal Life

A flexible plan offering customizable insurance solution with the ability to incorporate a savings element which is invested based on policy holders risk profile to provide cash value build up. The death benefit, savings element, and premiums can be reviewed and altered as a policyholder´s circumstances change. In addition, universal life plans allows the policyholder to use the growth from his/her accumulated cash value to offset the cost of insurance premiums on a pre tax basis.

Whole Life

Coverage sharing many of the same attributes of permanent plans, with a few differences. First, whole life coverage premiums usually carry the highest initial premium outlay. Second, whole life contracts may be credited with policyholder dividends. These dividends could be used to acquire additional coverage, receive cash payments, reduce the number of years of premium payment, or left on deposit to earn interest.

Coverage in the event of a temporary or permanent accident or sickness which disrupts the ability to earn an income.

Individual Disability Coverage

Those whose employers do not provide benefits, or whose employer plans have gaps in coverage, as well as self-employed individuals may apply for and acquire their own personal coverage on the open market.

High Limit Disability Coverage

Traditional Disability carriers have limitations on the monthly benefits that can be applied for which limit the benefits for high income earners.

Business Overhead Expense Disability Coverage

(BOE) coverage is designed to reimburse a business for overhead expenses should the owner experience a disability. Eligible benefits include: Rent or mortgage payments, utilities, leasing costs, maintenance, accounting/billing and collection service fees, business insurance premiums, employee salaries, employee benefits, property tax, and other regular monthly expenses.

Critical Illness Insurance

This type of insurance pays out a lump sum benefit upon the confirmed diagnosis of a serious disease or illness. These conditions can include but are not limited to cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, neurological disease. Benefits are designed to be paid 30 days after the survival and diagnosis of one of the covered serious diseases or illnesses.

Long Term Care Insurance

This type of insurance coverage provides for the cost of long term care beyond a predetermined period. Long-term care insurance covers care generally not covered by government health insurance. Individuals who require long-term care are generally not sick in the traditional sense, but instead, are unable to perform the basic activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, bathing, eating, toileting, continence, transferring (getting in and out of a bed or chair), and walking.

Health and Dental

Health and Dental insurance plans can be customized and implemented on a grouped or individual (family) basis. These plans usually form part of an employee´s or business owner´s health benefits package. Premiums for certain types of plans can also be either tax deductable or treated as a tax credit.


A Segregated Fund is a type of investment that is issued and administered by Canadian life insurance companies. Segregated funds are structured with certain guarantees to the contract holder including but not limited to reimbursement of capital upon death, and protection of retirement income against negative market returns.

A Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) plan provides the right to withdraw a guaranteed percentage of income from investment for life, regardless of market conditions and/or diminishing principal value. It is essentially a security wrap for your Registered and Non-registered investments.

Guaranteed Interest Accounts (GIA) are issued by Canadian life insurance companies, comparable to a GIC offered by banks. A GIA pays a predetermined interest rate on the entire value of the original investment for a set period of time. They are typically issued on a redeemable basis, with some offering nonredeemable options.

A Single Premium Immediate or Deferred Annuity (SPIA⁄SPDA) makes guaranteed regular payments to you for life or for a specific period of time in return for a lump sum payment of cash. These annuities can be issued for a single person, joint persons, or surviving person. Annuities can only be purchased from a life insurance company.

Regulated mortgage contracts derived from real estate development in Canada. Eligible for investment or re-investment of registered assets (RSP, RIF, LIRA, LIF, DPSP and TFSA).

RSP, DPSP, Pension, TFSA savings plans that can be customized and implemented on a grouped basis. These plans usually form part of an employee´s benefit package. Participation and contributions can be set on a voluntary basis and/or a predetermined percentage of employee income deducted.

An investment derived from asset classes other than stocks, bonds, and cash. Offered through an exempt market dealer (EMD) in Canada or private placement to qualified investors.


High interest, no fee, no minimum balance accounts. Individual and Commercial/Business accounts

Residential and Commercial

Lines of credit for debt management or investing. Investment loans (cash or registered).


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